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Masters of Color

Creativity, Colored Gemstones and Traditional Craftsmanship Define the Pomellato Collection, Available in Houston, Exclusively at Zadok Jewelers.

By Carol Besler

Pomellato, along with sister companies Gucci and Bottega Veneta, is one of the great enduring Italian brands. The company was founded in Milan in 1967 by Pino Rabolini, a goldsmith who introduced the notion of prêt-à-porter to jewelry, popularizing the concept of hand crafted fine jewelry for every-day wear that could carry over into night time.

From a craftsman’s workshop employing fifteen people over 40 years ago, Pomellato has grown to become an international company with over 500 employees, 100 of which are goldsmiths. In 2013, Pomellato became part of the Kering Group of luxury brands (formerly PPR), which includes fellow Italian icons Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Brioni and Balenciaga.

The brand is distinguished not only by its traditional hand craftsmanship in 18k gold, but for its pioneering use of colored gemstones, combining unusual colors, with large, bold gems in unique shapes.

Like runway fashions, the Pomellato collections are constantly renewed and refreshed, in keeping with founder Pino Rabolini’s philosophy of creating jewelry according to traditional values combined with current flair and creativity.

The latest designs in the Nudo and Sabbia collections have quickly become signature pieces in the Pomellato line. The Nudo collection is all about the simplicity of pure lines, light and color. On the one hand, it is a classic ring with a narrow shank and a single gemstone; yet here is a modern touch — a generously sized precious gemstone, in a faceted cushion cut, with high color saturation, in a wide, modern setting. The Petit Nudo is a smaller version of the Classic Nudo, while the Maxi Nudo pumps up the size and volume. Nudo with diamonds is a dazzling light show, with rows of white diamonds set into the shank.

The Pomellato Sabbia collection pairs rose gold, one of the hottest trends in the jewelry world, with diamonds — not just white diamonds but black and brown diamonds, lending a rigorously modern feel to the classic diamond ring, bracelet and necklace.

The slogan of the Kering Group is “Empowering Imagination.” The company’s philosophy is to allow creativity to flourish within the workshops of each individual brand, and that this is the best way to add value for its customers. The Pomellato collection is a glorious reflection of this creative strategy.

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