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Taking personalized jewelry to new heights.

If you want jewelry that serves as both an accessory and a keepsake, the Heather B. Moore jewelry collection is an excellent choice to consider. Heather B. Moore specializes in custom fine jewelry handcrafted in Cleveland, Ohio. Shop from a beautiful collection of personalized charms, earrings, chains, bracelets, and rings made from sterling silver, yellow, rose, white, and green gold.

Personalized jewelry at its finest.

Heather’s passion for telling a story through jewelry shows in the success of her independent brand, where everything is done in-house. The company manufactures their own steel stamps to replicate a signature, monogram, or sketch, and uses freehand techniques when stamping letters and numbers. The result is an exquisitely crafted piece that is entirely unique to the wearer.

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Discover this beautiful collection at Zadok.

Don’t know where to start with the Heather B. Moore jewelry collection? You can shop ready-to-wear charms that feature initials, monograms, and sayings. For something more customized, you can request the brand directly for charms that are incorporated with your loved one’s handwriting or your child’s drawing.

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Peace-of-mind jewelry repair and restoration.

When it comes to jewelry that has sentimental value, you don’t want to entrust the repair or restoration of your treasured pieces to just anybody. Zadok’s in-house team of jewelry repair experts can quickly fix your most treasured and jewelry pieces.