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14k Gold and Diamond Lightning Bolt Necklace


14k Gold and Diamond Moon Necklace


14k Gold Diamond and Turquoise Heart Necklace


14k Gold Paperclip Link Necklace- Small


14k Rose Gold Peridot and Diamond Pendant


14k Rose Gold Pink Sapphire Necklace


18k White Gold Diamond Necklace


18k White Gold Yellow Diamond and Diamond Necklace


18k Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace


18k Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace


18k Yellow Gold Emerald and Diamond Pendant


Diamond and White Enamel Circle Necklace


Diamond Baguette Necklace


Diamond Heart Necklace


Diamond Star Of David Necklace


Platinum Diamond Necklace


Platinum Ruby and Diamond Necklace


Sideway Cross Necklace


Diamond Disc Pave Pendant


Irregular Diamond Disc Pendant


Halo Diamond Pendant


Petals Diamond Pendant


Tear Drop Diamond Pendant


Disc Diamond Pendant


Clover Diamond Pendant


Cushion Cluster Halo Diamond Pendant


Halo Splash Diamond Pendant


Diamond Star Necklace


Diamond Necklace


Diamond Pave Crescent Necklace


Diamond Bar ID Necklace


Diamond Starburst Necklace