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The perfectly luminous luxury watch.

Luminox is one of the rare brands supported by the horological community, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and the military alike. Founded in 1989 in the US by Barry Cohen, its name is an amalgam of lumi (light) and nox (night). Originally, the company’s goal was to produce quality timepieces that can be seen in the dark. This illumination system is now a known Luminox trademark that distinguishes the brand from other watches. Although the company is based in California, all Luminox watches are Swiss made. 

No mission or adventure is too tough for Luminox watches.

The combination of tactical build and Swiss watchmaking makes Luminox watches very popular, and not just among those in the military. If you’re new to the brand, check out the Sea series — the brand’s core collection of dive watches that serve as the perfect companion for aquatic adventures. The illumination system within the watch allows you to easily read time while underwater. The Air series has flight functionality, while the Land series is built to withstand tough terrain, search and rescue missions, and military field operations.

Experience the Zadok difference.

When it comes to Luminox watches, Houston watch collectors and others across the globe turn to Zadok. Watch shopping should be an enjoyable experience from start to finish. 

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In-house Luminox watch repair

Luminox watches are known for their endurance and high waterproof rating. They can survive considerable wear and tear, but it’s important that you have your watch professionally serviced by a watch repair company.  

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