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Chronograph watch mastery

A leader in the chronograph watch industry today, Breitling’s revolutionary design has long been associated with aviation and military, but recent additions have made it a popular choice for a wider audience.

Breitling watches at a glance

A standout feature of Breitling is that it has something to offer to everyone – from enduring tool watches to sophisticated dress watches and everything in between.

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Discover Zadok’s collection of Breitling watches.

When shopping for Breitling watches, Houston residents and watch lovers around the world choose Zadok. We are Houston’s most trusted retailer of luxury watches because of our extensive and well-curated selection combined with our unparalleled customer service.

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We are experts in Breitling watch repair.

Breitling watches are built to last, but just like anything mechanical, it will need to be serviced and should be repaired by a professional, if required. Protect your investment through proper maintenance and enjoy your Breitling for years to come!

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