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Making each moment matter.

The joys, the challenges, the surprises, the “just becauses.” Whoever you are, whatever your story, in our store, you are always welcome and appreciated.


Going back seven generations, our family served as jewelers to the Yemen royal court and were skilled as goldsmiths, silversmiths, and religious scholars.

In the 1880s, the first members of our family immigrated to Israel and continued our trade—starting slowly with a workshop and eventually opening a store in Jerusalem in the world-renowned King David Hotel. We handcrafted and sold jewelry, Judaica, and antiquities to pilgrims, tourists, and locals, as well as to visiting dignitaries on behalf of the government.

Immigrating to Houston in 1975 with only three suitcases and a baby (first son, Jonathan), Dror and Helene Zadok (a native New Yorker) began the difficult but rewarding work of establishing our business and our reputation in a community that would ultimately come to support and embrace us for decades. 

Our original store on Post Oak Boulevard occupied 1,200 square feet, eventually expanding tenfold over the last 45 years. Zadok sons Jonathan, Segev, and Gilad all grew up in the business. They have held jobs such as cleaning showcases, running errands, and helping customers since they were young. Today all three brothers, principals in the business, bring their GIA graduate gemologist training and cutting-edge business acumen to the forefront, propelling the business forward.

In 2021 we built a new two-level store just steps from our original address. Spanning 28,000 square feet, it is the anchor store of the beautiful new Post Oak Place at 1801 Post Oak Boulevard, a mixed-use development. “Our goal was to eventually own our own property, to ensure that the future generations of our family would have a legacy, and opportunity to continue the business if they chose to,” Dror Zadok said. “Just like the day we first opened in 1976, we consider our new store to be an extension of our home by creating a warm and welcoming environment, where we can provide professional and personalized assistance to our customers,” said Helene Zadok.

While we are based out of a single Houston location, Zadok has been privileged to become the jeweler of choice for people both in the United States and internationally. We are humbled to receive national and international recognition in the jewelry and watch industries for our sterling reputation, exceptional service, integrity, and philanthropy. 

We are often part of the moments most significant and defining throughout our customers’ lives. We work diligently to honor this privilege, because we believe that more than just accessories, jewelry and timepieces are treasured for their meaning. We believe that the art we wear has the ability to affirm, to uplift, and to inspire, and that the most transcendent moments in our lives are often told through our jewelry. 

Our Team

Our staff is happy to assist in Spanish, French, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Swiss German, Bengali, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Vietnamese, Russian and Swahili.

Jonathan Zadok

GIA Graduate Gemologist

Dror Zadok


Segev Zadok

GIA Graduate Gemologist

Gilad Zadok

GIA Graduate Gemologist

Frank Lueth

Director of Sales


Abby Haun

Sales Associate
GIA Graduate Gemologist


AJ Ramirez

E-Commerce & Sales Associate


Hope Rowe

Sales Associate
Design Specialist


Melissa Nelson

Sales Associate
GIA Graduate Gemologist


Kristi Patricia

Sales Associate


Work with us

If you’d like to begin or continue your career with us, we’d love to learn more about you.

Zadok Jewelers offers a great environment and benefits. Open positions are listed below.

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Job Description

If you don't see a specific opening available but would still like to enquire about joining our family, please email your resume and cv to resumes@zadok.com

eCommerce Catalog and Content Writer
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Job Description

Zadok’s ecommerce position is a multifaceted role with plenty of room to grow depending on experience and qualifications. The position is best suited from early to medium level experienced candidates. Your primary tasks are inputting catalog data into a wordpress and woocommerce-based website utilizing both manual entry and data scraping techniques, landing page creation of brands, categories, events, and education.  This is a full-time position. Content creation is further supplemented by our Marketing department and the brands we work with. The heavy lifting of any SEO or Development is performed by outside partners.

Please send resume and cover letter to: resumes@zadok.com 

Content Creation

To support brand content and internal content creation

  • Create Landing Pages of Brands, Categories, Styles, Events, etc… which include some writing, photo sourcing and adjusting, and use of best practice for search engine optimization.

Product Catalog Entry

To support eCommerce team in catalog management

  • Input Data for Products including descriptive attributes, styles, and categories using both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
  • Source, adjust, and rename photos for products from designers or from in-house photographer


  • A background in content creation for websites including writing, photo sourcing, and adjusting photos in programs like photoshop
  • OR a Working knowledge of either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel and their basic formulas such as index, match, vlookup, and simple query functions.
  • 2 years experience in related field or a 2 year Associate's degree
  • Experience in SEO, Web Development, Task management platforms such as Monday.com, or Photography a plus.
IT Support and eCommerce Catalog (Level 1)
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Job Description

IT Support and eCommerce Catalog (Level 1) is a multifaceted position with room to grow depending on experience and qualifications. The position is best suited for candidates with 1-3 years experience or education in a related field. Your two primary tasks are local IT support, such as basic troubleshooting and setup of software/hardware, and maintaining product data via Google Sheets and Excel. This is a full-time position. Our immediate Zero to Six months needs for this position is basic IT and Data entry. If you have experience in coding with either SQL or HTML5/CSS, automated data scraping, or tabletop product photography, there is room to grow in those areas. The heavy lifting of IT is performed by a remote third party company, as is any website programming and PPC/SEO Marketing. Successful candidates should have a can-do and positive attitude, patience, and tenacity to see stubborn problems through completion.

IT Support

Hardware and Software

  • Address new IT support tickets as they arrive to inbox by replying with estimated timeframe to complete.
  • Complete IT support tickets in a timely manner as deemed by supervisor.
  • Utilize Third-Party IT Support as needed.

Data Entry & Product Management

To support Zadok.com and SQL Based Inventory System

  • Complete product data entry as assigned by supervisor.
  • Scrape third party websites for latest product data.
  • Crop and Resize Product Images.
  • Utilize Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel for entry and manipulation of data.
  • Download inventory reports, adjust pricing and availability, and upload to Wordpress based website.
  • Perform quality control of major website pages


  • 1 to 3 years of experience in related field OR Associates Degree.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Can fully setup a desktop computer, including mounting it to underside of desks and accessing hard to reach areas.
  • Can communicate effectively with third party IT vendor to complete complicated tasks.
  • Basic Photoshop or Similar Editing programs a plus


Giving back and philanthropy are core values of our business. We are honored to partner with local charities that directly affect the Houston community. These are just a few of the organizations we support.

2020 philanthropy partner

Trees for Houston

Zadok Jewelers and Trees for Houston have joined together for a partnership that weds engagement rings with tree planting. Purchase an engagement diamond ring from us and we’ll donate a sapling tree to be planted within the city limits and underserved neighborhoods in your honor. “Much like an engagement ring, planting a tree represents creating a new beginning with beauty and vitality,” says Gilad Zadok. This endeavor is an ongoing civic-minded initiative.

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