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Dinh Van Jewelry takes everyday jewelry to new heights.

The rise of ready-to-wear jewelry during the 1960s led Jean Dinh Van to leave Cartier and create his own brand of designer jewelry made for everyday wear. He wanted to create jewelry that is both accessible and wearable for women, and would reflect the social changes that were occurring at the time. 

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Step into the world of Dinh Van jewelry.

Dinh Van Jewelry is known for breaking the conventional style of traditional jewelry with its out-of-the box and nonconformist designs: think square rings, clasps as focal points, and functional items like pins, razor blades, locks, and key rings were transformed into objet d’art.

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Discover Dinh Van at Zadok.

A Dinh Van creation is known for its simple shape and elegant style. Check out the iconic Dinh Van collections such as the Menottes, Serrure, and Le Cube at Zadok.

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We are a trusted source for jewelry repair & restoration.

Our team of repair specialists has a deep understanding of both old-world and contemporary jewelry techniques. Whether you own a vintage or modern piece of jewelry, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to restore it so it continues to look and feel great.