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Magnificent everyday jewelry.

Pomellato is one of Milan’s leading luxury jewelers, mainly known for their beautiful yet completely wearable jewelry. In a world filled with haute couture jewelry, Pomellato instantly filled a gap in the market with their easy-to-wear pieces. 

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Discover the world of Pomellato.

The brand’s trademark is the use of gold alloys and colorful gemstones in their collections, while still maintaining a minimalist look. The Iconica is the brand’s signature collection which pays homage to its goldsmithing past, featuring Pomellato earrings, rings, and bracelets in white and rose gold alloy interspersed with gemstones in the shape of stars, triangles, and diamonds.

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Finding the perfect piece at Zadok.

Each piece of jewelry has its own story. Our staff is knowledgeable in all things related to Pomellato jewelry and can explain the history behind each piece. We are dedicated to providing you with a pleasurable and stress-free jewelry shopping experience. 

Professional jewelry service and repair.

Restoring jewelry to its original beauty requires in-depth knowledge and love of the craft. Here at Zadok, we are passionate about jewelry and have the necessary skills and tools to repair your Pomellato bracelet, rings, and necklaces.