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What Should You Do with Old Jewelry?

Over time, your jewelry collection can grow to include items that you no longer wear or that seem outdated. While many of these pieces hold great sentimental or symbolic value, they can also take up space in your collection or prevent you from purchasing new pieces you would enjoy more. If you do not want to keep or pass down some of your old pieces, consider selling or trading your jewelry to Zadok Jewelers.

  • Exchanging Your Investment: Even if it no longer suits your style, your jewelry can retain its value. Instead of letting your unused jewelry collect dust at home or at the bank, consider trading in your old pieces for a new one you will actually enjoy wearing. Or, sell your old pieces for cash you can use to pursue your other hobbies and interests.
  • Tax-Exempt Trade-In Purchases: If you opt to receive trade-in credit from Zadok Jewelers in lieu of cash, the amount put toward a new piece will be exempt from state tax. On high-value items, such as fine watches or jewelry, this can add up to large savings on the pieces you’ve been eyeing.
  • Fair Trade on Timeless Quality: Many people who wish to sell their unused jewelry may still feel sentimentally attached to what that piece symbolizes. At Zadok Jewelers, we recognize the value of your jewelry and pay a premium for top-quality pieces. We also buy loose stones and pay extra for for choice, large-carat GIA-certified diamonds.

For assistance in trading in or selling old jewelry, contact Zadok Jewelers. Our Houston store is family-owned and committed to providing unparalleled quality, exceptional value and personal attention to our clients. For more information, visit us online or call us today at (713) 960-8950.

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