Buy, Sell or Trade Jewelry and Timepieces

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For more than forty years, we’ve worked with customers to help them trade in pieces that no longer serve their needs, from gold and heirloom pieces to watches and designer jewelry. We prioritize discretion and will always provide you the best price, because we take great pride in earning and keeping your trust—and making sure the jewelry you own is the jewelry you love.

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We begin with an evaluation, which can be done in our store at any time. An evaluation is not an Independent Appraisal. (If possible, we request that you book an appointment so that we may be prepared for your arrival.) We staff experienced horologists and GIA–certified appraisers (Gemological Institute of America), who will evaluate your items carefully—the process typically requires no more than an hour. If we make you an offer, you’ll leave our store with a check in hand or a new piece you choose to purchase.

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We employ a full-time master watchmaker as well as in-house servicing and repair specialists for these precision instruments. With deep technical knowledge and decades of experience representing a wide range of luxury watch brands, we are ideally suited to offer a complete evaluation of any timepieces you may wish to trade in.

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After years or even generations of treasuring a diamond, many people wish to make a change. We’re happy to help you trade in your original stone, which offers the opportunity to exchange or upgrade your diamond, to reset your ring, or to consider weaving it into an entirely custom piece, under the guidance and counsel of our practiced team.

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We believe you should take pleasure in your jewelry and timepieces during every phase of life. Please stop by or click here to set up an appointment, and we’ll take care of you.


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