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The Big 3 Precious Gemstones


The Big 3 Precious Gemstones

All gemstones are precious, but why do ruby, sapphire and emerald top the list?


Until recently, only emerald, ruby, and sapphire were officially called precious gemstones. All other gems were referred to as semi-precious. The precious categorization was a reference to value: a really fine ruby, emerald, or sapphire can be priced higher per-carat than a diamond, which most people consider the ultimate gemstone. The reasons have to do with hardness, rarity, and beauty.

Platinum Cushion Cut Blue Sapphire and diamond ring featuring over 5 carats combined

Platinum Cushion Cut Blue Sapphire and diamond ring featuring over 5 carats combined


Sapphires are extremely hard and durable, with a very high color saturation and very few inclusions, so a fine, high color-saturated sapphire will look beautiful forever in a piece of fine jewelry.

ruby ring

Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold ring centered with a 10.87 carat Ruby surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds


Rubies, which are essentially red sapphires, since they are culled from the same mineral, corundum, are more rare, as are emeralds.

This makes rubies and emeralds extremely valuable, particularly if they are clean and highly saturated — but not too clean: rubies and emeralds without characteristic inclusions are suspect because they may be treated or synthetic. Inclusions in emerald in particular (called jardin) are perfectly acceptable.

emerald ring

18k Yellow and White Gold ring featuring a 18.85 carat Cabochon Emerald and pave diamonds


According to the International Colored Gemstone Association, an emerald in a deep, lively green still has a much higher value than an almost flawless emerald whose color is paler. Emeralds are extremely rare. It is only seldom that a large specimen with good color and good transparency is found. That is why fine emeralds are so valuable. Note: both rubies and emeralds look their best in large sizes!

All gemstones are precious, and there are many, many exceptions to the big-three rule. Many rare finds among what we used to call semi-precious gems can be priced higher than the big three. But in general, a fine ruby, sapphire, or emerald will hold its value and command a higher price than other gemstones. That is the reason Art Deco jewelry — heavy on the big three — is usually prized over other period jewelry when sold at auction.

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