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Lab-grown Diamonds Vs Natural Diamonds


Like so many other advancements, synthetic diamonds, or lab-grown diamonds, are now readily available to the general public. These diamonds consist of actual carbon atoms unlike diamond simulants such as moissanite and cubic zirconia. This poses issues in the diamond trade since the chemical composition is identical to natural diamonds.

The pursuit of replicating the chemical composition of a diamond is not a new endeavor. Their conductivity and hardness properties make them ideal for many industries including machine work, electronics, and more. While lab-made diamonds can cause issues for the diamond trade, their practical uses are plentiful. The lower price of the manufactured diamonds makes them ideal for these applications.

For the jewelry industry, the difference between lab-grown and naturally occurring gemstones is a pivotal point. A diamond is forever and was formed over thousands of years. A diamond could only be created if heat and pressure were the right conditions. Today a diamond can be grown in a lab in a matter of days. Resellers of lab-created diamonds are legally required to disclose the nature of their stones.

The value of a mined diamond is an important aspect. Naturally mined diamonds are finite in their quantity, which retains their value. Lab-grown diamonds are man made and their quantity is unlimited. They will never be more expensive than their current value, and their price will continue to fall as manufacturing capability improves and quantities rise. Additionally, lab-grown diamonds do not exceed 1 or 1.5 carats.

At Zadok, we believe in the value of fine jewelry. A ring, symbolizing one’s commitment and love should not be in a perpetual state of declining value due to improved technology. Because of these beliefs, Zadok Jewelers will not carry any lab-grown diamonds. Our commitment is to sell the finest quality jewelry that can be cherished indefinitely and passed from generation to generation.

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