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Houston Rodeo Fashion Accessories

Houston Rodeo Fashion Accessories


Rodeo season is upon us, so strap on your favorite cowboy boots and dust off that 10 gallon hat. You need to look the part whether you are walking into the Rodeo cook-off or attending any of the HLSR concerts. In Texas, this attire is not only commonplace, but often the norm. How can you stand out in a sea of denim and leather? With accessories!

Rodeo fashion has evolved over the past century. While the plaid shirt, jean wearing Marlboro Man has remained a Rodeo staple, female fashion has evolved and seen a fair amount trends. The most recent of which was the bling of the 2000s. The bedazzling trend subsided a bit, but what has remained consistent are the fashion accessories that accent an outfit. Well selected jewelry is able to make a statement louder than 1000 rhinestones.

At Zadok, we have the timeless rodeo-ready jewelry you need to elevate past the trends of today. The Ippolita line is a great starting point for rodeo accessories. This line has alluring jewelry featuring the transcendent turquoise stone. This stone is known for its vibrant blue to green color and has been a sought after stone for thousands of years. The timeless qualities and southwestern roots make the turquoise stone the perfect accent during the rodeo.

Accenting with rings from the Ippolita Stella collection are great for accessorizing without being overly flashy.

Bracelets and necklaces make for fine accents to a rodeo ensemble as well. The Tacori turquoise and quartz bracelet or the Ippolita Lollipop offer different amounts of flair. Or draw compliments with an Ippolita necklace.

With a variety of accessories and finishes, the Ippolita line has something for everyone.

Based in Houston for more than 35 years, the Zadok’s know Houston style. The variety in-store as well as superior service should make Zadok the first stop for your Rodeo Jewelry fashion this year.

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Special: 10% discount with HLSR Committeeman's badge. Exclusions apply

Special: 10% discount with HLSR Committeeman’s badge. Exclusions apply

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