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Trending 2021: Engaging New Looks

Exciting insider info on the latest styles, trends, and ideas we’re seeing on the engagement ring scene.

Read our post from Winter 2020 below to see which trending engagement styles we were looking forward to in 2021:

When it comes to designing the perfect ring, a great starting point is choosing the center stone. After all, it’s the first thing people will notice when you show off your ring, so why not make it unique? From vintage asscher cut to dramatic marquise, fancy stones are taking center stage.

In 2020, we saw a rise in pear-shaped diamonds, an interesting shape that offers great value. In 2021, however, we expect to see a continued rise in ovals. Oval-shaped diamonds are amazing because they show their carat weight well and are flattering on the finger. Overall, fancy shapes are very trendy and speak to the modern bride — not only in an engagement ring, but incorporated into the band, as well.


2021 will also be the year of the solitaire. many savvy brides-to-be are opting to go with a simpler style for their engagement ring setting, which offers the opportunity to feature a larger diamond. This is especially popular when completed with an oval or fancy-shaped diamond, a solitaire setting allows your diamond to have its shining moment in the spotlight everyday.

Hidden Halos

If you want to incorporate a little extra sparkle, but still maintain the look of minimalism, a hidden halo is absolutely perfect. The hidden halo is a modern take on the classic halo, but features tiny round diamonds, which create an unexpected sparkling crown that truly elevates the ring’s appearance. This new look is ideal for those who love halo rings but prefer a more discreet design.

Beautiful Diamond Bands

The perfect complement to a large, solitaire engagement ring is a big, beautiful diamond band. In that vein, a current, notable trend for brides is to opt for a unique, large diamond band, instead of a traditional engagement ring. Whether worn solo or with an engagement ring, diamond bands are a gorgeous look that we can totally get behind. 

Yellow Gold

We are also excited to bring some color back into your wedding set. Yellow gold is making a glittering return to the jewelry scene, especially in bridal jewelry. Yellow gold compliments all skin tones and really sets off the fiery sparkle of your center diamond.

Custom Designs

The best part about engagement rings in 2021? Nothing is off the table. Brides-to-be are breaking tradition and looking for something personal that reflects their individual style. Whether making small adjustments to a setting you find in our shop, updating a family heirloom, or inventing a completely original combination of your favorite Pinterest rings, we have the ability to bring your dream to fruition and create something totally you!


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