The art we wear

We deeply value creativity and self-expression. While we carry a wide selection of designer jewelry, we also take pride in offering our customers the opportunity to customize or create from scratch the piece that exists—as yet—only in their imagination.

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Bespoke engagement rings, intricate heirloom necklaces, the faithful matching of a missing earring—from understated to opulent, all are within our scope and crafted on-site in our freshly renovated design studio.

Our Process

step one


Appointments preferred but not required.

We begin with a conversation between you and one of our designers to understand your vision, budget, and timeframe.

You may bring sketches, inspiration pictures, or simply an open mind to discuss what you’re looking for. We’ll often browse through our existing collections and custom work together so that we can get a feel for your style, and so you can get a feel for our capabilities. From here we put together a detailed quote.

step two


Our designer will create a detailed hand sketch and/or we will use CAD software (computer-aided design) so that you may view the design in 3D on the screen.

Once refined, we’ll print the design in wax which takes a few days so you have a realistic prototype to touch, try on, and fine-tune. We can often place the stone in the wax model for you to try on and see it come to life.

step three


Once approved, your design passes hands to one of our bench jewelers, who crafts the piece on-premise in our workshop.

Our hand-picked jewelers undergo rigorous training and bring years—if not decades—of experience and skill to the bench. At this point your deposit is no longer refundable, but we are happy to accommodate minor design adjustments.

step four


Now the best part: your custom piece is ready for you. Most projects are completed within 2–6 weeks.

In an age where much is mass-produced and disposable, we want you to feel that the jewelry you design for yourself or another will be a true extension of its wearer—a singular expression shaped by earth, by hand, and ultimately, by the story and sentiment it represents. No matter the size or scope, we’re grateful for the privilege of creating alongside you, and hope you love your custom result.

We believe the art we wear has the ability to inspire—to ground—to affirm—to uplift—

and that the most transcendent moments in our lives are often told through the jewelry we give, receive, and find beauty in.

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Behind the scenes.

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