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Partner with Zadok to design a comprehensive awards program that is aligned with your business objectives and motivates your employees through a culture of recognition. Learn more about our programs and contact us to enroll

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Zadok Achieve’s point based programs provide management and easy way to recognize achievements by awarding employees points. Employees then have the opportunity to select the gifts of their choice. These gifts will always remind the recipient of your organization, while showing employees your appreciation and acknowledgement.


Thank your employees by providing gifts on major service anniversary’s to both acknowledge years of loyal service, and promote continued loyalty. Award employee’s points based upon anniversary milestones. For example: 5,000 points on a 5 year anniversary. You can determine the appropriate number of points to meet your desired budget.

Here & Now

Take the opportunity to recognize, thank and congratulate your employees for performance that is “above and beyond”.  Zadok Achieve has the gifts to show you appreciate their achievement the moment it happens.  Don’t wait to show your employees you value excellence Here & Now.

Safe & Now

Focus on corporate goals of safety and wellness for your employees to minimize unnecessary costs. Zadok Achieve will work with you to define the Safe & Well program to fit within your risk management strategy to positively impact your bottom line and improve safety and wellness within your organization.

Perform & Excel

Who in your organization do you want to motivate for performance and excellence? Sales, project teams, low performers…

Zadok Achieve will work with you in defining the programs to encourage your desired outcome. Work with a Zadok Achieve representative to select a specific gift or provide points to be used in the Zadok Achieve Gift Portal.

Utilizing multiple Zadok Achieve programs will allow you to drive performance in each area of your business you deem appropriate. Points rewarded from each program can are combined within the Zadok Achieve Gift Portal, allowing employees to select the gifts they desire.

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Your employees are the heart and soul of your company, but the individuals who make your company great go beyond those you employ.  Acknowledge all those who support your organization.  Whether your customers or a family member, the support of these individuals helps define your company and ensure its success.

Zadok Achieve can help you acknowledge these individuals through selecting gifts or setting up the Zadok Achieve Gift Portal allowing them to acquire points and select the gifts they desire.  Show you appreciate those who support your company and build loyalty through gifting.







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For the gifts that do not fit within a standard program turn to Zadok Achieve’s Executive Concierge to provide customized service and help you find the appropriate gifts for the occasion. Commemorate the milestones of your company or individuals with a gift that will always mark this special occasion.

Houston companies have turned to Zadok Achieve for assistance in selecting gifts for many occasions. From putting your logo on a watch to engraving the recipient’s name on a pen, we are happy to offer personalization on many of the products we offer.
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The Zadok Achieve Gift Portal,, allows users to log-in and experience and enjoyable on-line shopping environment where they can browse through categories to find the gift that will remind them of their excellence and your organization.

Users have the ability to:

view their account to verify their shipping address, see when new points have been added, and their gift selection history. has an easy to use back-end access for administrators within your organization. We provide you with instant access to manage employees and their points.