Vacheron Constantin Watches & Timepieces

Those familiar with style and elegance should be familiar with Vacheron Constantin. With 260 years of uninterrupted history, the Swiss-made Vacheron Constantin manufacture has established itself as a top watchmaker with worldwide success. Vacheron Constantin has amassed an enviable client list over its four centuries of existence including American author Henry James, Claude Monet, and King Farouk of Egypt. The worldwide respect for the artfully crafted watches continues to this day.

When shopping for a luxury watch, two features are always important: timekeeping ability and design. Vacheron Constantin excels at both. With awards at the first precision contests in 1872 and continued accolades thereon, Vacheron Constantin has established a history of greatness. The attention to detail does not stop with the mechanics; exquisite design has kept Vacheron Constantin a leading innovator since its creation.

Today, timepieces like the Patrimony, Traditionnelle, and Harmony carry on the legacy with their refined design and sleek appearance. If you are seeking a more updated look, the newly redesigned Overseas timepiece offers a steel sports watch option.

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