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Zadok Jewelers’ Jewelry and Watch Repair Services Can Make Your Old Jewelry Look New!

If you are in need of new additions to your fine jewelry collection but can’t bear to part with unused necklaces and bangles in your jewelry box, bring your old jewelry to Zadok Jewelers. Our fine jewelry cleaning and repair services will transform your old pieces into sparkling new accessories!


Ring Sizing

Your diamond engagement ring was fitted to your finger a few years, or even a few decades, ago. As your skin elasticity and the shape of finger change over time, it’s important to have your rings resized. Zadok Jewelers provides an efficient ring sizing and resizing service so that the rings you wear on a daily basis aren’t in danger of falling off of your finger.


Precious Stone Replacement

If you have a favorite ring or necklace with a precious gem, you likely take every precaution to protect your fine jewelry. Accidents inevitably happen, but you can continue wearing your most prized jewelry by utilizing precious stone replacement at Zadok Jewelers. Our expert jewelers can adjust stones in solitaire, tension, or any other type of setting.


Jewelry Redesigns

You don’t need to get rid of your old jewelry just because you don’t wear it anymore. At Zadok Jewelers, we provide jewelry makeover services to convert an old ring into a great paperweight for your office, for example. This service is ideal to preserve precious stones and gems with sentimental value that you’d prefer to enjoy in a new way.



If you’ve forgotten about several old pieces of jewelry, bring them in for a professional cleaning. Our maintenance and cleaning services convert even the dullest accessories into shiny, new pieces of fine jewelry. You’ll feel as though you’ve splurged on a completely new luxury ring or necklace.


Pearl Restringing

Pearl strings often become brittle from normal use. Keep your vintage sets of pearls looking brand new with Zadok Jewelers’ pearl restringing service. We’ll enhance the durability of your pearls and inspect the clasps on your necklace or bracelet to protect your fine jewelry from accidental breakage.


Do you have a collection of old jewelry in your vanity at home? Bring your old accessories into Zadok Jewelers and watch them be instantly rejuvenated. Call us in Houston at (713) 960-8950 for more information.

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