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Zadok Jewelers is Able to Give Your Old Jewelry a Makeover!

Do you have a diamond ring you cherish for sentimental reasons but that doesn’t match your personal taste in jewelry? With the touch of an expert jeweler, you can transform your jewelry into a chic and stunning piece that perfectly complements your style!


Modernize Heirloom Jewelry

If you inherited an old pearl necklace or an opal ring that is a little antique, you can ask a jeweler to make minor adjustments or add flashier elements. Instead of letting a beloved bracelet or earrings collect dust in your jewelry box, choose a custom makeover and enjoy actually wearing your jewelry.


Put a Gem on It!

Diamonds are always beautiful, and the more pure their color, the more valued they are. But if you want colorful jewelry to match your colorful personality, consider adding gemstone accents to complement diamond pieces. Or, you can transform a simple band with a gemstone setting. If you add birthstones that represent your new baby, for example, you can completely personalize your jewelry.


Engrave a Beloved Piece

What better way to customize jewelry than by adding beautiful words with significant meaning? Jewelry often represents momentous occasions that can be further commemorated with thoughtful engraving. A personalized message etched in a beautiful ring is perfect when giving gifts to a special someone.


Change the Way You Wear

Were you gifted earrings but your ears aren’t pierced? Do you love your designer necklace but its chain is a little too short? With a few modifications, your jewelry can be transformed to be worn just the way you want it. Separate pieces can also be joined for unique, eye-catching results.


If you want to reuse your old jewelry and create an entirely new design, contact the jewelry experts at Zadok Jewelers by calling (713) 960-8950. Our seventh-generation master jewelers offer traditional hand craftsmanship and the latest in laser technology techniques to craft the jewelry you desire. Stop by our Houston store or visit us online today.

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