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What You Need to Know About Watch Maintenance

Just like your car, your luxury watch requires occasional maintenance to ensure all its moving parts and many mechanisms are in good working order. If your watch sees constant wear or is often exposed to water, it may need maintenance more frequently than the recommended three to five years. An experienced jeweler will be able to perform these necessary maintenance tasks on your treasured timepiece:


Watches rely on many delicate wheels and gears to accurately keep time and perform optimally. Over time, the oil that lubricates these mechanisms will dry out, which can cause wear and damage to the watch. During maintenance, gears and all moving parts will be cleaned and properly lubricated.


Even a small particle can interfere with a luxury watch’s performance. Maintenance is required to clean the watch’s mechanisms of any dirt or debris that enters through worn seals. Watches are also susceptible to damage from moisture, even water-resistant models. A skilled jeweler will remove moisture and repair seals to prevent rust, corrosion, and discoloration.


If your watch is performing erratically—losing time, gaining time, or stopping altogether—it may require more extensive repair. A jeweler or horologist can repair a stripped stem, replace the crown, buff out scratches from the crystal, and do much more.

Battery Replacement

At some point, nearly every watch will require battery replacement. You may think this is a watch maintenance task you can perform yourself, but it requires specialized skill to ensure the watch remains water resistant after opening and replacing its back. Also, what you believe to be symptoms of a dead battery may actually be attributed to gear or wheel failure that must be corrected by a jeweler.

Your trusted jeweler can also perform cosmetic maintenance, from adjusting the watchband to polishing the timepiece.

If it’s time for regular maintenance on your luxury watch, visit Zadok Jewelers in Houston. Our full-time master watchmaker and experienced watch repair experts are happy to restore your watch to like-new condition. If you’d like to purchase a new luxury watch, you can also browse our extensive selection. Call us today at (713) 960-8950 for more information.

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