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How to Service a Fine Swiss Watch

To ensure a designer watch continues to keep time reliably, its gears, gaskets, springs, wheels, and other moving parts should be cleaned and serviced regularly. The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry recommends that automatic and mechanical luxury watches be professionally maintained approximately every three years. To get a glimpse of what maintenance entails, watch this behind-the-scenes video from Zadok Jewelers.

A master watchmaker will completely disassemble a timepiece in order to thoroughly clean and oil every single mechanism before reassembling the piece. You may be surprised to see just how delicate and time-consuming servicing a fine watch can be.

If your Swiss watch requires cleaning, repair, or cosmetic adjustments, contact Zadok Jewelers. Our Houston-area jewelry store is home to a master watchmaker and watch repair specialists, so you can confidently trust us with your cherished timepiece. Call us at (713) 960-8950 today!

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