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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band to Complement Your Engagement Ring

Once the question has been popped and the engagement ring presented, then comes the excitement and organized chaos of wedding planning. Part of this process will be to select wedding bands to exchange on your big day. To find a wedding band that is both stunning on its own and a beautiful complement to your engagement ring, keep in mind these simple tips.

Look at Corresponding Designs and Designers

Sometimes, certain wedding bands are designed to be paired with complementary engagement rings. If you would like your rings to match and look uniform, ask your jeweler if there is a specific wedding band that goes with your engagement ring. Or, look at bands designed by the same designer of your engagement ring; a specific designer may offer wedding bands of a similar style or complementary look to your engagement ring.

Explore Unique Possibilities

If you prefer to have a more individualized and unique ring combination, try mixing and matching different wedding bands to see which one works well with your engagement ring. A current trend in wedding bands is to combine styles, which allows you to be more creative while ring shopping.

Consider a Classic Style

Every engagement ring looks beautiful with a classic platinum or gold wedding band. These rings have a timeless style and simplicity that are perfect for any woman who prefers a classic yet unmistakably elegant look. It is also a band that looks great for men’s wedding bands.

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