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5 Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry in Great Shape Over the Years

When you purchase or receive a special piece of jewelry, you will want to keep it in great shape so you can enjoy its sparkle for years to come. To do so, follow these simple rules:

  1. Take off your jewelry while dressing. Lotions, perfumes, and other body products can damage or ruin your jewelry, so make it a habit to remove your jewelry before you shower and dress. This will help maintain the luster and shine of all of your jewelry. Jewelry may also snag on loose clothing, breaking chains and pendants.
  2. Avoid wearing jewelry while cleaning. Bleaching and cleaning products can have disastrous effects on precious metals and gems. If you are getting ready to do some heavy-duty cleaning (or even some light cleaning), then take off your jewelry ahead of time.
  3. Put your jewelry aside when participating in physical activities. When you are running, playing soccer, tennis, moving heavy boxes, or being generally active, you run the risk of damaging or breaking your jewelry. Play it safe and remove your jewelry whenever you enjoy your sports and hobbies.
  4. Find the perfect storage space for your jewelry. Instead of lumping all of your jewelry into a box or drawer, make sure each piece has its own space—this will prevent scratches, tangles, and damage. Pick up some soft cloth pouches to put different pieces in, protecting your jewelry and keeping it blemish-free.
  5. Clean your pieces regularly. Besides regularly buffing and wiping dirt off your jewelry, most professional jewelers recommend taking your favorite pieces to a reputable jewelry store for a thorough clean and polish. Make sure to have your jewelry checked for any loose stones, weak prongs, and any “wear and tear” that might require some extra attention.

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