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Marco Bicego’s Delicacies

Delicati and Lunaria Celebrate the Jeweler’s Love of Nature, Travel and Delicious Baubles

By Carol Besler

Marco Bicego revisits his love of nature this year with Lunaria, a collection inspired by the translucent, disc-shaped seed pods of the Lunaria flower. This unique, organic shape is beautifully interpreted by Bicego with petal-like discs of gold that are linked by chains. The surfaces of the “pods” are engraved using the brand’s signature Bulino technique, a satin finish that lends itself particularly well to the motif because it creates an organic look, an essential expression of the Marco Bicego style.

Each delicate, 18k gold petal-like element is surrounded by a carefully forged frame that is given a contrasting high polish, for an even closer resemblance to the Lunaria pod of nature. The collection includes necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, some of which incorporate precious gemstones cut in slices to repeat the shape of the flat, petal-like gold elements.

The Delicati collection, also new, is a reflection of two things. First, it is a recognition of the trend in jewelry toward smaller, more delicate pieces that are often worn in multiples – like a treasured assortment of pretty delicacies. Secondly, it is a celebration of Marco Bicego’s most popular collections. The designer has recreated the minute details of carefully selected models from current collections and reinterpreted them with new dimensions that are just right for our times. Delicati is also dedicated to the joy of travel, with designs taken from his creations that are named for exotic places, including Jaipur, Murano, Africa and Siviglia.

Delicati also stands for “delicate,” reflecting the tremendous care that is taken to hand craft each precious piece. Every bracelet, earring and necklace in the collection is designed and finished by hand in Italy, using 18k gold, precious colored stones and brilliant cut diamonds. The characteristic Bulino technique of hand finishing identifies it as a Marco Bicego creation.

Marco Bicego began his training as an artisan at the atelier of his father, a master jeweler, in the Veneto region of Italy. He went on to create his own jewelry collection more than 10 years ago, which has since become instantly recognizable for its signature multi-textured finish, and for designs that merge organic, natural forms with classic silhouettes. Each piece is made according to the tradition of Italy’s master craftsmen. “All my creations must be manipulated by hand in order for them to represent a unique and luxurious experience,” says Bicego.


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