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Fine jewelry for the free-spirited you

Sethi Couture’s fine jewelry is a celebration of both the owner’s California roots and Indian heritage. The brand’s trademark collection of diamond fashion rings is a juxtaposition of classic and contemporary design. Check out the ring collection full of modern, elegant design with just a touch of vintage – perfect for women who want jewelry that will elevate their everyday look. Each piece has been thoughtfully curated and showcases unique details and skilled craftsmanship.

Elevate the everyday at Sethi Couture

Sethi Couture Jewelry first came up with a capsule of stacking rings that can be worn on their own or together in endless ways to show off your unique style. The intricate details of the Sethi Couture rings are coupled with rare, natural-colored diamonds such as pink, green, champagne, gray, and cognac. The rings are versatile and can be worn with family heirlooms or with your own personal collection.

Shop fine jewelry at Zadok

In a world filled with mass production jewelry, it can be difficult to shop for fine jewelry that is a true reflection of your personal style. When you shop at Zadok, you get to choose from a diverse range of brands and styles that are hand selected just for your individual taste. You also receive personalized, concierge-style service to help you pick out the right jewelry for your special occasion or milestone.

Zadok’s jewelry repair services

Fine jewelry needs to be cleaned, maintained, and repaired to keep their longevity. At Zadok, you will find some of the best jewelry experts and repair specialists in the business. Whether you need major restoration, routine maintenance, or emergency fixes, our staff is here to help you. We are equipped with the most up-to-date jewelry repair equipment and are trained to work on all brands. Your Sethi Couture necklace or ring will be restored to its original glory in as little time as possible.