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More than a century of beautiful pearl jewelry.

Pearls are always a favorite among fine jewelry connoisseurs because of their simple elegance and brilliant luster. When it comes to pearl jewelry, nothing comes close to Mikimoto Jewelry. 

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Mikimoto jewelry brings out the radiance in every pearl.

This leading pearl jewelry brand is known for combining traditional Japanese metalworking and European manufacturing techniques. Mikimoto uses the Japanese Akoya pearl, which comes from oysters native to the area of the Pacific Ocean surrounding Japan. Aside from the Japanese Akoya, Black South Sea, White South Sea, and Golden South Sea pearls are also incorporated in Mikimoto earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Discover stunning pearl jewelry at Zadok.

For exceptional and exquisite pearl jewelry, look no further than Mikimoto. If this is your first time buying pearls, the Mikimoto pearl necklace is a great place to start, while the Mikimoto pearl earrings are also an excellent way to elevate an everyday outfit. Looking for something more opulent? Consider the Mikimoto necklace, featuring pearls and accented with gemstones, to make a stunning statement. 

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Zadok’s professional jewelry repair & service.

Taking proper care of your Mikimoto jewelry starts with Zadok. For all cleaning and repairs, trust our in-house team of jewelry experts to use time-honored techniques and modern repair equipment to fully restore your jewelry. Put your jewelry in our capable hands and it will continue to dazzle you for years to come.