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Uniquely beautiful pieces of history.

Melissa Braniff, a jewelry designer based in Houston, is known for her ancient coin and handmade jewelry. If you’ve been looking for some truly unique jewelry, check out the Melissa Braniff jewelry collection.

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Get to know Melissa Braniff.

The Melissa Braniff Jewelry collection has made its mark by fusing pieces of the past into beautiful, wearable art. Due to the sensitive nature and old age of these ancient coins, each piece from Melissa Braniff Jewelry is handcrafted with care by local artisans who celebrate the flaws and imperfections of these coins by mounting them with gorgeous gold, diamonds and other gems that perfectly highlight their beauty.

A jewelry shopping experience like no other

Whether you’re looking for a gift they’ll never forget or want to elevate your own style, the Melissa Braniff Jewelry designs are refreshingly unique, wearable pieces of history. You’re going to love browsing this collection of inspiring jewelry!

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