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Drop Earrings With Citrine, Purple Spinel, Smoky Quartz and Diamonds


Drop Earrings With Pink Tourmaline, Pink Sapphires and Rose De France, 18k Yellow Gold


Drop Earrings With Prasiolite, Emeralds and Diamonds, 18k Blackened White Gold


Drop Earrings With White Agate and Citrine, 18k Yellow Gold


Ring With Chalcedony and Peridot, 18k Yellow Gold


Bouquet Necklace with Blue Topaz and Diamonds


Bouquet Ring with Citrine and Diamonds


Dynamite Drop Earrings with Blue Topaz and Diamonds


Dynamite Stud Earrings with Blue Topaz and Blue Sapphire


Dynamite Cocktail Ring with Citrine


Dynamite Double Stones Ring with Rose de France and Pink Sapphires


Gaia Stud Earrings with Citrine


Gaia Necklace with Blue Topaz


Gaia Stud Earrings with Blue Topaz


Party Cocktail Ring with Prasiolite and Emeralds


Party Drop Earrings with Blue Topaz, Kyanite and Diamonds