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What to Know When Buying Chopard Watches

Although Chopard is mostly known for crafting exquisite jewelry that adorns some of the world’s most glamorous stars, it’s also worth noting that the brand’s roots lie in the world of watchmaking.

In the early days, Chopard watchmakers were revered for their exceptional skill in crafting stunningly designed and incredibly slim pocket watches.

Eventually, the brand became known as pioneers of innovative design with the launch of Happy Diamonds – a collection of watches that features free floating diamonds encased between two sapphire crystals.

Fast forward to today, and Chopard has become a household name synonymous with red carpet jewelry, iconic dancing diamonds, and heart motifs.

The Chopard Watch Collection

When shopping for a Chopard watch, it’s important that you consider what features are the most important to you and your lifestyle, and then look for watches that have those qualities.

Chopard has several core collections that cater to different tastes and preferences, from classic watches featuring time-only displays to timepieces with chronograph functions and various complications. Here are a few to consider.

Happy Diamonds

Happy Diamonds is the brand’s flagship collection with its innovative design that features free-moving diamonds that can dance between two sapphire crystals. This collection was so highly successful and sought-after that the brand made a spin-off from this line called Happy Sport, which incorporated the floating diamonds inside the stainless steel case. Check out this Happy Sport watch if you’re looking for something that’s on the lower end of Chopard watches’ price range.

Mille Miglia

Another popular collection is the Mille Miglia, inspired by the world-famous Italian car race of the same name. The Mille Miglia collection features sporty designs that capture the essence of classic racing cars. One of the standouts from this line is this Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph watch in a 42mm steel case.

The L.U.C collection aims to prove that there is more to Chopard than jewelry-oriented watches. This line is dedicated to haute horology featuring watches that are crafted with the highest level of precision and expertise, including this elegant L.U.C XPS watch which features an automatic movement and small seconds complications.

Alpine Eagle

The Alpine Eagle is Chopard’s collection of luxury steel sports watches with integrated bracelets. These watches feature a sleek design inspired by the soaring eagles that dominate the skies in the Alps mountain range.

L’Heure du Diamant

The L’Heure du Diamant collection is all about exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. These watches feature delicate diamond settings, mother-of-pearl stones, and fine guilloché details that create a stunning visual effect. This elegant diamond watch from the collection is a work of art that’s sure to turn heads.


Chopard’s long history of manufacturing high-end jewelry is evident in this collection. The Imperiale watches feature classic designs with intricate details such as diamond-set bezels and mother-of-pearl dials.

With a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation, Chopard has established itself as one of the premier watchmakers in the world.

Here at Zadok Jewelers, we offer a wide range of Chopard watches, from classic and understated designs to bold and statement-making pieces. Visit our store to explore our selection and find out which Chopard timepiece would be the perfect match.

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