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What is Tourbillon Day?

Tourbillon Day

Breguet introduced Tourbillon Day, a new day of celebration in honor of the anniversary of the original patent for the tourbillon. Breguet’s namesake Abraham-Louis Breguet was awarded the patent on June 26, 1801 in France.

The Tourbillon Movement

Breguet sought a solution to the issue of gravity and its effect on accurate timekeeping. The movement consists of a mounted escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage. The entire balance wheel and escapement rotate continuously at a slow rate. The theory is the rotation averages out the errors due from gravity.

The tradition of high watchmaking continues with the current collection of Breguet watches. The brand introduces exciting new pieces each year while producing watches with their signature tourbillon movement.
Famous historical figures that have worn Breguet timepieces include Queen Marie-Antoinette and Napoléon Bonaparte.

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