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All Is Not Lost – Veteran Returns Lost Treasure To Zadok

You often hear stories about a good Samaritan performing a random act of kindness, which probably restores your faith in humanity. This week, our hearts were touched by a local war veteran, who did something so remarkable that it’s hard to put into words.

When all seems lost…

Recently we had a customer come in who was distraught over losing her 3 carat, high quality diamond pendant. The customer is not local, but after not finding the diamond, reluctantly decided to make a special trip to our store to replace the pendant. A day or two after this customer came in, an unfamiliar person walked through our front door. He seemed very determined and somewhat frantic before he informed us of the reason for his visit. Charlie Luberger was at a nearby Randall’s when he spotted a small, navy blue pouch with our Zadok logo on it. After picking it up, he looked to see the contents of the bag. Right away, he hurriedly walked a whole mile from the grocery store to Zadok’s to deliver the pouch to us. After handing the pouch over to one of our associates, we were astonished to see what was in it. It was a diamond pendant. Puzzled in regard to where this came from, and stunned that someone turned it over to us, we took the diamond to our jewelers to see if there was a way to identify the owner. Because this specific diamond was GIA certified with a laser inscribed registration ID number, we were able to locate the appropriate owner. It was the same customer who had come in 48 hours earlier to replace the exact pendant we now had in our hands. We were in disbelief.

One major reason for the happy ending, besides the incredible good deed of Mr. Luberger, is that our customer had purchased a GIA certified diamond that could be identified. We always explain the importance of purchasing a GIA certified diamond to potential diamond buyers, with this incident proving our point in a very dramatic way.

A Good Samaritan Saves the Day.

Though the magnitude of Charlie’s honesty is unequivocally impressive, there is more to what ultimately humbled us. Charlie informed us he was a retired war veteran who served two tours in Vietnam and now has Parkinson’s Disease. It was at that point we realized he had walked all this way because his condition prevented him from driving. He wasn’t looking for a reward, and he wasn’t looking for gratification. He simply wanted to perform a good deed, because that is the nature of his character. After sitting down with Charlie and learning more about his life story, we are even more inspired by his dedication to serving others. And though Mr. Luberger was not looking for recognition of any sort, we want to shine a bright light on his admirable act of honesty.
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