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Engagement Rings and Planting Trees Wed Together for Ingenious Houston Partnership

By Shelby Hodge, Article in Paper City, 08.20.20, Photos courtesy of Public Content

How Zadok Jewelers and Trees For Houston are Greening the City With Love

Two Houston favorites — Zadok Master Jewelers and Trees For Houston — are joining forces in a very clever partnership that weds engagement rings with tree planting. Buy an engagement ring from Zadok and the family will donate a sapling tree to be planted within the city limits in your honor.

Unlike many philanthropic endeavors, this is a civic-minded initiative from the seventh generation master jeweler with no end date.

Already the Zadok family has launched the collaboration and the first round of trees will be planted through a celebratory potting event with the entire Zadok staff on Sunday, October 25th at 2001 W. 34th Street, between Ella Boulevard and TC Jester. “The connection between planting trees and purchasing an engagement diamond actually is a natural one,” Zadok partner Gilad Zadok says in a statement. “Much like an engagement, planting a tree represents creating a new beginning with beauty and good health.”

It’s a lovely thought that has Trees for Houston welcoming another partner in its ongoing efforts to build a resilient green canopy for the city. None could be more pleased than the nonprofit’s executive director Barry Ward. As he notes, “Now more than ever, access to trees and green-space is essential, especially in underserved communities. Our services and resources allow us to ensure a far-reaching impact for years to come, and we are inspired by the Zadok family’s contributions and dedication to that impact.”

Zadok Master Jewelers‘ environmentally conscious efforts have been in place since the store opened in Houston 45 years ago. The emphasis has been on sourcing natural diamonds and educating its customers on the benefits of sourcing and carrying conflict-free diamonds as opposed to lab-generated specimens, which they explain can be detrimental to the environment.

“The Zadok family is proud to support and partner with Trees For Houston, a nonprofit that promotes an important mission — the planting, protection, and promotion of trees throughout the Greater Houston area,” owner Dror Zadok says in a statement. “Much like Trees For Houston, Zadok Master Jewelers strives to ensure that ethical and sustainable practices are being executed – both in the community and in business policies – that help to conserve our planet and its natural resources.”

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