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Love & Commitment: Going Beyond the Purchase

Unusual circumstances, guest restrictions, date changes, wedding stress, and lots of love: That’s what brides of 2020 have been experiencing, and Dr. Elizabeth McIngvale was no exception.

On July 18, 2020, months after their original wedding date, Dr. Liz and Matthew Mackey finally tied the knot. The couple exchanged vows at Houston Oaks Country Club in a stunning, elegant, and intimate outdoor ceremony, followed by a carnival-themed reception. For a wedding that was initially planned for over 380 people, Matt and Liz ended up sharing their nuptials with 65 of their closest friends and family. The newlyweds danced and mingled well into the evening, and then capped off their perfect day the same way their love story began: With fireworks.
Three years ago, Liz and Matt boarded the same flight out of Chicago, not knowing that fate would land them in the same aisle. Sparks flew, a relationship grew, and now, these two can call each other husband and wife, and Zadok Jewelers is proud to be part of their love story!

Throughout their dating relationship, Matt began to develop a relationship with Jonathan Zadok, buying pieces of jewelry here and there for Liz. So, when it came time to take the relationship to the next level, Matt knew just where to go for the perfect engagement ring.

Matt and Jonathan schemed together to produce the perfect ring that matched Liz’s style. With just two simple parameters, the two men created the perfect ring for Matt’s soon-to-be fiancé. “He knew that I wanted gold, and he knew that I loved pear-shaped,” Liz says. “But everything else was in his wheelhouse, not mine. He picked it out himself, he worked directly with Jonathan, they custom-designed it, they picked the stone and built the ring.”
Liz had no part in the shopping, planning, and designing process, but says she preferred it that way. She wanted to be surprised, which meant Matt and Jonathan were on their own. In the end, Matt succeeded in surprising and thrilling his future bride with both the perfect ring and the perfect proposal. And how did Jonathan and Matt do, you ask? “They nailed it — one hundred percent,” Liz exclaims.

If you think Liz looks familiar, you’re right! As the daughter of Mattress Mack, Liz is the director of the McLean OCD Institute in Houston. As a therapist and advocate for others living with OCD and other mental illnesses, she is not shy about her own struggles with OCD and its impact on her life. She’ll also be the first to tell you that planning a wedding during a challenging year was not what she’d imagined for her big day, but she’s thankful for the close friends and family around her, including the Zadok family. “OCD and anxiety often impact the big things, the most important moments, and attempts to take away the pleasure in them. It’s not always easy or fun, but if we follow our heart versus OCD, it pays off,” she writes on Instagram. “My OCD and anxiety were out of control, and I was a wreck many times the week of my wedding. That’s my reality, but beauty was still found in the messy.”

Liz enjoys helping others and looks for opportunities to support businesses that do the same, including Zadok Jewelers. As a sixth and seventh generation family-run business, Zadok Jewelers has been committed to serving the Houston community for more than 45 years, building lasting relationships with customers, such as Matt and Liz.
As a long-time family friend of the Zadok family, Liz says it was a no-brainer for her and Matt to get their rings from Zadok Jewelers. “I think for me, they’ve always had a really strong tie and commitment to community work. In particular, they’ve done different fundraisers for mental health and OCD and things that I’m really passionate about,” she says. “I knew that we wanted to support them because of the way they have supported the community.”
Liz says that her fantastic experience with Zadok Jewelers has always been one of the reasons she keeps going back. Zadok Jewelers puts more emphasis on the relationship and not the purchase, and it shows when Zadok customers leave with an item they love as well as a memorable experience. “They just have a commitment to their customers and to making them happy,” Liz says. “I think they desire to get lifelong customers, and it happens because of the interactions outside of the purchase.”

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