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Jewelry Gift Wrapping Ideas to Make Your Jewelry Gift a Surprise

When you purchase a jewelry gift at Zadok Master Jewelers, the jewelry is beautifully wrapped, ready to present to your loved one. You can place the gift under your tree and let your loved one excitedly wonder what type of jewelry could be hidden inside, or you can present it in a different way to make the gift a complete surprise. If you use one of the following jewelry gift wrapping ideas, your loved one will likely never suspect the gift is fine jewelry.

Nested Boxes Are a Classic Way to Fool Gift Recipients

Nested gift boxes

Wrapping a small gift inside nested boxes is a fun and easy way to surprise your loved one. Purchase a few gift boxes that can be stacked inside each other, making sure that your smallest box is large enough to hold your wrapped jewelry gift from Zadok without crushing it.

Place your wrapped jewelry gift in the smallest box, put that box inside a larger box, wrap and repeat. The anticipation will build as each box is opened.

Stacked Boxes

Stacked gift boxes

You can also disguise your gift by stacking a couple of boxes on top of each other and wrapping them together with a ribbon. This works well if you are giving multiple pieces of jewelry, but if not, you can buy a gift that goes with the jewelry you’re giving, such as a soft cleaning brush or lint-free cloth. Your Zadok sales associate can offer ideas.

Put each gift inside a separate box. If you’re giving one piece of jewelry, place your wrapped jewelry gift in a box that is the same size or larger than the other one so you can place it on bottom. Tie a ribbon around the boxes to make them appear as one gift. Your loved one will have a more difficult time doing the gift shake test and won’t have a clue what is inside until opening the first box.

Hide the Gift

A treasure hunt is also a fun way to give your gift, but takes a little more time and effort. Hide the jewelry gift where your loved one will not accidentally find it, and then create a set of clues that will lead from one to the next until finally to the hidden gift. Wrap each clue and hide them, too, with the first clue as a wrapped gift under the tree. Be creative with your clues, but don’t make them too difficult; otherwise, your loved one could spend hours searching and feel more frustrated than excited.

Wrapping Jewelry with Another Gift

Another way to fool your loved one is to wrap your jewelry gift with another gift. You can place the wrapped jewelry underneath or inside the other gift in a box or gift bag. If you are giving your loved one a new robe or some type of clothing with pockets, you might place the jewelry pouch inside one of the pockets. Hiding a special gift inside a more practical one, such as socks, can be fun.

Wrapping jewelry with another gift

A new, boxed coffee mug could also hold a small jewelry gift. Imagine the surprise when looking inside!

More Jewelry Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you are giving your loved one a new ring or small earrings, you can add the jewelry to a box of chocolates. Simply buy a box of candy, open it and replace one of the chocolates with the ring or earrings, and then wrap the box.

Another popular idea is to buy a teddy bear or other stuffed animal and place the jewelry on it. Wrap the stuffed animal in a large box or place it in a gift bag.

With a little creativity and extra effort, you can prevent your loved one from knowing how special your gift is until the final moment when it is revealed. Have your camera ready. The surprise can be a priceless experience!


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