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Holiday Gift Ideas

Its December and the holidays are around the corner. Are you struggling with holiday gift ideas? Fine jewelry  When buying jewelry, most people immediately think of diamonds as the primary stones. However, there are many other popular gems to consider as well, whether they serve as an accent color for the diamond or the jewelry is entirely composed of other gems. Here are some popular precious stones to consider for this holiday season:

  • Diamond

When considering precious stones for jewelry, diamonds are usually the primary choice. They are the hardest of the gems and can also be the most dazzling. Because of these characteristics, diamonds that are considered for jewelry undergo a rigorous grading to ensure their quality.

  • Sapphire

Sapphires are another of the hard gems, which ensures a long life for your jewelry stones. They are one of the most popular stones used in jewelry making today, not only for a sparkle and brilliance second only to diamonds, but also for the great variety of colors seen in sapphires.

  • Emerald

Emeralds are renowned for their color and popularity. It is normal for natural emeralds to have a number of small inclusions, possibly eye-visible. The color of an emerald is more of a factor in determining value than the inclusions. Because of the beautiful greens, this stone will catch eyes as a jewelry centerpiece.

  • Ruby

Rubies are stones that have been used in jewelry for centuries, symbolic of royalty and passion. Their beautiful red color makes them stand out in any jewelry piece and their durability guarantees their lifespan in your jewelry. Though rubies are a part of the sapphire family, their red color classifies them as their own type of stone.

  • Amethyst

While this stone may not be as popular as the above gems, it holds its own in the gem world due to its use in royal jewelry and crown jewels. Amethyst’s popularity stems from the variety of colors it comes in, from lilac to deep purple.

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