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Essential Engagement Ring Terminology for Every Man

Congratulations! You’ve found the one and made the decision to spend the rest of your life with her. However, before you can pop the question, you need to find the perfect engagement ring. Learn some of the following terminology before starting your shopping:


Jewelers use carats to measure a diamond’s weight. A typical engagement ring stone usually runs from about one-half of a carat to two carats. The value of a diamond increases with the carat size, since large and heavy diamonds are rarer than small diamonds. The number of carats in a diamond can affect the value and overall appearance of the ring, so consider this factor when shopping.


The cut refers to the shape of the diamond. A round cut is a classic look that offers a radiant shine. Other striking and unique cuts include the rectangular princess cut and the marquise cut, which features an oval shape with sharp edges. The romantic cushion cut features a square-cut diamond with soft edges.


Besides shape and size, it’s crucial to consider the clarity, or lack of flaws, in a diamond. Jewelers look for blemishes and inclusions, such as scratches or cracks in a stone. Diamonds without any inner or outer faults are marked ‘F ‘for flawless.

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