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High school sweethearts are rare. Perhaps even more rare are middle school sweethearts. But, when you know, you just know.

And for newlyweds Danial and Elizabeth Rutledge, they’ve known for a long time!

Early Beginnings

Raised in Sugarland, Texas, the two have known each other since pre-k. And in 7th grade, Daniel finally mustered enough courage to ask Elizabeth out, something she says didn’t take much persuasion.

“It was just a few text messages on our flip phones,” she joked.

Following high school, the couple enrolled at Texas A&M, where their relationship matured into something serious.

“We definitely talked about marriage in college, but we both knew we wanted to graduate and get out before we really considered it,” Daniel said.

Surprise Proposal

According to Daniel, Elizabeth is extremely hard to surprise. But with help from some family members and the leading jewelry store in Houston, Daniel kept his plans secret, convincing Elizabeth they were attending his grandparent’s wedding anniversary celebration at the lake house. Then, in a private moment out on the dock, Daniel proposed.

Wedding plans soon followed, and on July 23, 2022, the couple said “I do,” at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in front of 240 guests. Reception celebrations were held at the Lakeside Country Club before the newlyweds jetted off to St. Lucia for a week-long honeymoon.

The Zadok Experience

Daniel is the third generation in his family to shop with Zadok Jewelers, a tradition his grandfather started years ago.

“Every Christmas, he would send me to his closet to get the iconic Zadok’s box for my grandma.”

For Elizabeth, she can’t remember a time when her parents shopped anywhere else. So it was only natural that Daniel would turn to a trusted family jeweler for the perfect engagement ring for her.

After working with our very own Kristi Patricia, Daniel found the perfect ring for Elizabeth — a stunning brilliant round diamond mounted on a diamond band. Needless to say, Elizabeth gets plenty of compliments on her rings. They both agree the entire experience has made them the next generation of Zadok customers, and would highly recommend the store to friends looking for custom made engagement rings.

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