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Caring for your Luxury Swiss Watch

A luxury Swiss watch is a big investment, and you’ll want to keep it working beautifully for years to come. If properly maintained, luxury watches have extraordinary lifespans and can be treated as heirlooms by future generations. Here are some of the best ways to keep your Swiss watch ticking like new:

Keep It Clean

Considering how often we use our hands, it’s no surprise that watches come into contact with lots of harmful elements like dirt, sweat, and hand soap. To keep your watch looking and running well, take some basic measures to keep it clean. If you have a metal band, clean it with a soft brush and warm water, and perhaps a bit of soap. Take care not to get too much water near the face, especially with watches that are not water resistant. Leather watch bands also need special care and will probably not endure as long as the face. Be particularly careful not to spray perfume on leather watches, as it degrades the leather.

Wind It Properly

Take care when winding your luxury watch. If your watch must be wound manually each day, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. To reset your watch, move the hands in a clockwise direction and take care not to put too much strain on the winding mechanism.

Take Care with Water

Even if your watch is water resistant or waterproof, it pays to be careful around water. Avoid very hot or cold temperatures you may encounter when washing dishes, taking a bath, or swimming outdoors. If you swim with your watch on, either in chlorinated or salt water, be sure to rinse with fresh water afterward.

Get Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance will also go a long way toward keeping your watch running smoothly. When you buy your watch, look for a fine jewelry store with in-house watch repair and maintenance, like Zadok Jewelers. Our expert jewelers will know how to care for your particular watch and will give you unmatched service.

Zadok Jewelers is proud to offer a selection of luxury Swiss watches for men and women. Click here to view our watch selection. We also offer pre-owned timepieces on our eBay page.

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