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3 Reasons to Have Jewelry and Fine Watches Appraised

Luxury watches and fine jewelry are investments. If something happens to an item, however, it can be difficult to receive the full value of that investment without a proper appraisal. Since the price of gems is in constant fluctuation, most jewelers recommend having an appraisal performed on all fine jewelry every three years. If you’re unsure of whether you need one, consider these situations:

Protect Your Jewelry in Case of Loss

Under standard insurance, you are not covered for loss or damage of your jewelry without an appraisal. Therefore, you risk significant financial loss should anything happen to your beloved pieces. An appraisal can help cover the monetary loss if an item is stolen, misplaced, or broken.

Ensure Fairness During a Divorce

The legal and emotional struggles during divorce are trying enough—having current jewelry appraisals can make the process smoother. In the event of divorce, you may have to think about how to split up valuable jewelry. An appraisal can ensure that the division is as fair as possible.

Plan Your Estate

Part of putting together an estate plan is deciding where your fine watches and jewelry should go. Wills and trusts should be updated with current appraisals to guarantee everyone has the latest information about the property division or potential tax costs. In those situations, it’s especially helpful to have a professional jewelry appraiser who understands the complex legal work associated with this type of appraisal.

Zadok Jewelers knows watches and fine jewelry are investments that can be passed on for generations. We strive to make sure every customer understands the values of their investments. For more information about the importance of appraisals, or to have your fine jewelry appraised, all  (713) 960-8950 or schedule an appointment by clicking here.

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