Baume and Mercier Watches

Baume & Mercier

For the past 180 years, Baume & Mercier have produced timepieces loyal to their motto “accept only perfection; only manufacture watches of the highest quality”. The company is known for their innovative designs, complications, chronographs, minute repetitions, chronometers, and drawing inspiration from women’s emancipation and femininity. Baume & Mercier were among the first watchmakers to produce ladies’ watch that was not merely miniaturized interpretations of masculine models. Baume & Mercier’s Classima line of watches represent the grace and style of one of the most respected names in watches.

Of all the great names in the Swiss watch industry, Baume & Mercier has one of the most remarkable histories. Pursuing a passionate vocation since 1830, Baume & Mercier has a proud track record of refined complications, visionary innovations and producing watches that consistently embody an ideal of excellence and affordable luxury.