Jewelry Appraisals & Insurance


Jewelry Appraisals and Insurance in Houston

Be confident in your purchase.

Zadok Jewelers provides insurance appraisals for online purchases for just $155 for the first item and $125 for every additional item. Jewelry appraisal documentation will be shipped with your order from Zadok Jewelers.

If you are purchasing a diamond, a photocopy of your GIA diamond certificate will arrive in your diamond shipment. Loose diamonds come with a 10-day return period, if you are happy with your purchase, Zadok Jewelers will mail the original GIA diamond certificate at the end of this return period. If you purchase an engagement ring and/or other piece of jewelry into which you would like this diamond set, we will ship the original GIA certificate with the completed engagement ring or piece of jewelry.

Your jewelry appraisal is a document that details the approximate retail replacement value of the purchased item. This replacement value is calculated from current market retail data and usually takes into account the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of the gemstone(s), the weight of the precious metal used in the piece, as well as the craftsmanship. Appraisal documents are typically required by insurance companies in order to hold a policy on these high-value items.

If you have any questions about the appraisal process, or if you need assistance in finding insurance to cover your high-value items, please call or email us: (713) 960-8950;